Mama Africa, 36" x 48", Oil on Canvas
Mama Africa, 36" x 48", Oil on Canvas

Mama Africa, 36" x 48", Oil on Canvas

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The original of this painting can ONLY be purchased by calling the artist 

541 - 227 - 3292 - signed Limited Edition museum quality Print can also be purchased at $499.

This painting was inspired by my (step) grand mother Leonora Francis who raised me on the island of Grenada.  She worked tirelessly for the nourishment of the family without asking anything in return. Leonora I will always remember you and I'm grateful for all you did for my brother and I.  You left a lasting impression.  Thank you.

"Abstract" is sometimes used as a synonym for non-representational art and non-objective art, i.e. art which has no derivation from figures or objects. Abstract art can calms the mind, rejuvenate the soul and inspire creativity. Ideal for Corporate walls and offices. Abstract art on home walls can spark conversations.  Enjoy unique designs from the imagination of the artists.

Figurative applies retrospectively to all art before abstract art. In other words, since the arrival of abstract art the term figurative has been used to refer to any form of modern art that retains strong references to the real world.
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