Introduction to the Collection

This collection of artwork was born out of the Black Lives Matter protests that swept across Portland, Oregon, and other parts of the United States in 2020/21. 

Originally from the Caribbean, I first set foot in America to pursue my education, in the United States Air Force and later my studies at the University of Oregon. One of my passions was American History, which gave me a profound understanding of the pervasive racism that has been deeply ingrained in its society. I was under no illusion that this could be easily eradicated. In my youth, I naively believed that the best way to avoid racial conflict was to turn a blind eye to the realities around me. However, as I matured, I realized that racism is a problem that cannot and should not be overlooked. 

Like many others, I was filled with rage when George Floyd was brutally killed by the police. The fact that this horrific event was captured on camera and broadcasted worldwide made it all the more impactful. I was seething with anger and sought a non-violent outlet for my emotions. I chose to channel my fury into something I had complete control over - my art. I was brimming with ideas and felt an urgency to bring them to fruition. Thus, I decided to merge traditional and digital art, a method that allowed for immediate expression, unlike my usual oil paintings.

Creating this series served as a form of emotional therapy for me, enabling my creativity to flow freely in the direction it needed to go. What you see before you are the results of this process. I am thankful to be living in an era where I can voice my opinions through my art without fearing for my life. I commend the Black Lives Matter movement for their tireless efforts. 

I hold the belief that life is fleeting, so cherish your loved ones and strive to do good. Make a conscious effort not to harm the environment or intentionally hurt others.

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17 products